Whittier Pacers Are Official!

The Pacers are starting a new chapter in WHITTIER! Holy smokes, this is amazing. Read the linked article below to learn about the awesomeness happening thanks in large part to Robert RomeroMonica Bobadilla, and a slew of other dedicated Pacers. Welcome to the family, Whittier Pacers.

Here’s an article written by Dr. Steve Smith, Pacers Founder and Team Doc:

As exciting news rarely stays quiet for long, you may have already heard there will be a new Pacer chapter in Whittier, CA! The Pacer Nation welcomes our new chapter and we are so excited to watch it grow.

As Pacers, we want to serve more communities; keeping the Pacer magic to ourselves would be selfish. We want every community to have what we have. Bobby Romero has agreed to help us do just that by bringing the Pacer secret sauce to his community in Whittier.

Many of you know that Bobby and his wife, Dolores, moved to Whittier last year and have been commuting to the Pasadena Pacers. In fact, there are many Pacers who commute from afar to Pasadena. After a year of kicking around the idea, we are ready to extend this amazing running community to Whittier.

The Whittier Pacers has the tremendous advantage of having Bobby, one of Pasadena Pacers’ previous Presidents, as Founder. To add to this great team, the Whittier Pacers are getting Monica Bobadilla as their first President. Monica’s volunteerism, kindness, and love is well known to us at the Pasadena Pacers and, while we will miss her, we know she will continue to propel others into the very best version of themselves in Whittier.

Some Pasadena Pacers will love the new location; it’s just like getting a new Trader Joe’s around the corner. If you are running with the Pasadena Pacers and live closer to Whittier, please check them out. You’ll find the same warm affectionate group of friends with great training programs at all of our clubs.

The Whittier Pacers will have its inaugural run on June 2, 2018. You can go to their Facebook page or website for all the details.

Please show your support for Bobby, Monica, and the Whittier Pacers by heading out there and going for a run sometime over the summer. (I’ll miss the kick off, but plan to go for a couple of runs soon.) While you’re at it, show your support for San Bernardino and Thousand Oaks by dropping by for one of their runs, too. You’ll find some great runs and some of the most interesting and kind-hearted people anywhere!

If you have moved away and are interested in starting your own Pacer chapter, now is the time and we are here to help. Our Pacer Nation is growing and we couldn’t be prouder for it.

About the Pacer Nation

The Pacer Nation is a group of free, supportive running clubs looking to raise the health and spirits of our communities. Oh, and we run, too. Come as you are—out of shape, super fit, and everything in between—you’ll fit right in. We’re free, friendly, and for all.

Come drop by any of our chapters to meet new friends and get your run on:

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  • By Dolores - on Reply

    Thank you Club Run With Us for the support! Our goal is to expand the love and support of this running family to many others. As runners we know how important a support system can be.

  • By Niles Livingston Sr. - on Reply

    Hi Boddy and Dolores, …it’s Niles ( things are going well ). Glad to hear about your new adventures with the Pacers ( Whittier Pacers ) …would you please contact me. THANK you.

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