What Happens To Your Old Shoes You Bring Us?

If you don’t already know, Run With Us Pasadena collects old shoes from customers to donate back to charities, recycle them to create kids playgrounds or raise funds for worthy causes. Team Kaitlin has been collecting shoes from us, doing shoe drives and other fund raising events. They raised $128,645 last year. Here’s a summary of where the money they raised last year went towards:
Thank you so much for your support of Team Kaitlin and my fundraising last year. With your help we were able to raise $128,645.38, which was beyond my expectation, and help fund a LLS research portfolio focused on AML. I have decided to put our fund toward a promising research project that is currently being funded by LLS.  Dr. Carl June of the University of Pennsylvania is working with a team of academic investigators to develop immunotherapy treatments for AML patients, whereby their own immune systems are used to detect and kill cancer cells. Your support of Team Kaitlin is helping to continue this encouraging research into a cure for AML.
Dr. June’s research is focused on creating CAR T cells that will target the proteins in the stem cells that occur in AML and the clinical trials will test these modified cells in both adult and pediatric AML patients who are resistant to the current treatments.
It is exciting to have Dr. June focused on using this type of immunotherapy for AML patients, as he has had previous success in using reengineered cells to attack cancer cells in patients with ALL. In fact, Dr. June is featured in a short video called Fire with Fire, which you can see here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5IrHV8tLCU. Emily Whitehead, the young patient who is the focus of that video, is now 4 years cancer free and living the life of a healthy and happy nearly 11-year old.

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