Verdugo Hills 50K Results

The Verdugo Hills 50K was last weekend. We’ve had a couple RWU Race Team Members participate.

Jerry Garcia came in 6th Overall, with a time of 4:39:20ish.

Here’s what Jerry had to say about the event:

” Verdugo 50K in a torrential rain 🌧 storm with ridge top winds howling at a gust of 40mph, I’m not sure on the temps but my fingers were numb the whole morning as well as my body. This was my first race and longest run since dropping at Chilao aid station at Angeles Crest 100 last August… so I really didn’t know how my body was going to respond but mentally I was solid from start to finish charging up and down the Verdugo’s in a controlled pace and utilizing my freshly opened up nostrils 👃 and with a full blown plant 🌱 based diet. This was a huge victory for me even though I got 6th place overall 4:39:20ish and when I crossed the finish line I left no trace of doubt of where I could’ve and should’ve. Major props for the volunteer’s being up on the ridge tops, down in the bottom of the canyon there came a point late in the race that the race got cancelled cause of mudslides and weather and you guys got the runners back to Brand Park. Thank you! I’m forever grateful going into a race of all the behind the scenes magic that goes on. Strong pack of runners out there, Congratulations to you all ! I’m glad I was part of this race and thank you Trail Running & Wellness Expo for making it happen. I really hope somehow Verdugo is back for 2020.”

Mario Martinez came in 9th place overall, with at time of 4:56:22. This was Mario’s first 50k and first race of the year. Great work! His training is on progress and he is focused on Leona 100k by 4/6/19.

Stay tuned for more results!

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