Try SPRING Nutrition – Good for your Gut

Run With Us is working with Students Run LA and their first event is on 10/24/21. SPRING Nutrition is helping us by donating some product for the kids, so we want to share more about them with you!

SPRING believes real food provided by nature is a powerful source of energy for athletes of any sports. While GI distress is a common issue for endurance athletes, there is a low prevalence of GI issues in those who use real food to fuel your body during intense exercise. With this knowledge and scientific data, SPRING creates energy gels entirely from real food natural ingredients with carefully formulated mixtures of simple and complex carbohydrates, fats, and proteins with micronutrients from those natural ingredients. Without added sugar and maltodextrin, SPRING also gives you sustainable energy preventing you from experiencing sharp energy spikes and dips. Besides all these benefits, SPRING tastes so good without any artificial flavoring! With Spring products, there’s no need to train your stomach. Your stomach is already familiar with real food! Fueling with real food is the healthiest and most effective way to perform your best at any sports!


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