Assistant Manager Contact –

What year did you begin working at Run With Us?


I began working at Run With us on August of 2006.

When & where did you go to high school? College? What did you study?

Graduated from Belmont in Los Angeles, attended Pasadena City College and studied Liberal Arts at Alliant International university in San Diego CA.

Did you run in high school and/or college?

Yes.I did 4 years of track and field/ cross country in High school and ran 2 more yearsin college.

When & how & why did you get in to the sport of running?

I got into running during my Junior high school years, after my Physical education teacher (Ms Elm) suggested to join an after school program-SRLA.

Do you have a favorite moment that stands out in your running career?

Yes a few. Finishing two LA marathons, winning the 1600m at Los Angeles city section, and qualifying twice to Nationals(NAIA) during my college years.

Any personal records we should know about?

Ran a 55mins and 10secs on a 10 mile race which helped me get into the Run With Us racing team (2008).

In competition, what is or was your favorite distance? 

I would say the 5k was my favorite distance for competition. Now that I’m more of a recreational runner,I enjoy the half marathons.

Road, Track, Trails, Treadmill, Couch?

I hate running on treadmills. Everything else I enjoy running on.

What do you enjoy most about the sport or your own running? 

What I really enjoy about running is how great it makes you feel. No matter if you had a good or a bad but just having the feeling of finishing a run. But also just knowing how beneficial running(exercise) can be to the body and mind.

Since working at Run With Us, what has been your favorite aspect of the job?

My favorite aspect of working at Run With Us is not only helping all types of runners in general. But also people that have problems with their feet and can’t find comfortable shoes. Community/ store events are also enjoying to be part of at Run With Us.

What has been your favorite running shoe of all-time? What is your favorite shoe currently? Of all time?

Oh this is a hard question!! I would say it’s between the Brooks adrenaline or the Mizuno wave Inspire. Currently I been enjoying running on the Hoka Clifton 3 and the Saucony Omni Iso. Great shoes!!

Do you have a favorite meal of all-time? 

Not really, I just try not to eat something to different from my normal diet especially before doing a race.

Outside of Run With Us & Running, do you have any other interests?

I wouldn’t say any specific interest. But outside from running and Run With Us I do enjoy watching/ following other sports and trying different foods and beers at a local brewery.