What year did you begin working at Run With Us?

When & where did you go to high school? College? What did you study?
I graduated from Conant High School in Illinois. Afterwards, I attended Southern Illinois University Carbondale and graduated with a degree in Information Degree.

Did you run in high school and/or college?
I ran track & field my freshman year of high school. I didn’t run in college.

When & how & why did you get in to the sport of running?
I ran recreationally in college to stay in shape for water polo (I played my college’s club team). All I needed was a good pair of running shoes and I could step outside my college dorm and go for a run, no pool necessary.

Do you have a favorite moment that stands out in your running career?
Qualifying for and then running in my first Boston Marathon in 2019.

Any personal records we should know about?
My current personal best in the marathon is 2:43 at the 2019 Chicago Marathon.

In competition, what is or was your favorite distance?
My favorite distance is the marathon.

Road, Track, Trails, Treadmill, Couch?
I run mainly road and occasionally the trails. I can’t stand running around a track or on a treadmill.

What do you enjoy most about the sport or your own running?
The simplicity of running in that you can walk out your front door and go for a run. Also, I enjoy running for its physical and mental benefits.

Since working at Run With Us, what has been your favorite aspect of the job?
Helping customers accomplish their goals whether it be completing their first 5k, marathon or just being more active in general.

What has been your favorite running shoe of all-time? What is your favorite shoe currently?The Brooks Ravenna is my all-time favorite because it was my first real pair of running shoes. I ran my first 4 marathons and have put the most miles in that particular line of shoes. However, my current favorite shoe to run in is the Altra Escalante.

Do you have a favorite meal of all-time?
I love pizza and ice cream.

Outside of Run With Us & Running, do you have any other interests?
I enjoy the being outdoors and playing video games.