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What year did you begin working at Run With Us?

I started working at Run With Us in 2005.

When & where did you go to high school? College? What did you study?

I went to Lakewood High School from 1983-1985.

Did you run in high school and/or college?

I ran track and cross country in high school.

When & how & why did you get in to the sport of running?

I used running as conditioning for other sports then grew to like it.

Do you have a favorite moment that stands out in your running career?

When our team won league and we beat our rival Millikan High School.

Any personal records we should know about?

No personal records, I just like to compete.

In competition, what is or was your favorite distance? 

The mile and 5K.

Road, Track, Trails, Treadmill, Couch?

Road and trails.

What do you enjoy most about the sport or your own running? 

I’ve always enjoyed watching people compete and reach their goals.

Since working at Run With Us, what has been your favorite aspect of the job?

I enjoy introducing people to running and wearing proper footwear to help them reach their goals. I also enjoy coming to work because of the great staff at Run With Us.

What has been your favorite running shoe of all-time? What is your favorite shoe currently?

My favorite shoe of all-time is Brooks Adrenaline. My favorite show currently is On Cloud X.

Do you have a favorite meal of all-time? 

Chicken mole with Mexican rice and corn tortillas.

Outside of Run With Us & Running, do you have any other interests?

I enjoy watching Dodger Baseball, Rams Football, playing basketball, working out, hiking and spending time with my family.



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