Website Manager –
Previous Store Social Media & Marketing Manager (4 years, 10 months)

What year did you begin working at Run With Us?

I started working at Run With Us in 2016.

When & where did you go to high school? College? What did you study?

I graduated from South Pasadena High School in 2006. I graduated from CSU Monterey Bay in 2010 earning my B.Sc in Marine and Coastal Ecology, and most recently I graduated in 2018 from Portland State University earning my Masters Degree in Leadership for Sustainability Education.

Did you run in high school and/or college?

No, I didn’t participate in track/XC in high school or college. Although, I was part of the Varsity Women’s Soccer team and the Pep Squad in high school.

When & how & why did you get in to the sport of running?

I really started enjoying running from playing soccer my whole life. When I lived in Australia in 2009, I would go on long distance runs around the river in Brisbane.

Do you have a favorite moment that stands out in your running career?

I’ve had two knee surgeries on my right knee: ACL and meniscus, & another meniscus. So my favorite moment in my running career is when I can run without any pain…haha

Any personal records we should know about?

I did place in a couple 5K events, and ran the Portland Hood to Coast relay.

In competition, what is or was your favorite distance? 

I enjoy 5K & 10K.

Road, Track, Trails, Treadmill, Couch?

I enjoy running on the road in new neighborhoods! But, the best best part about living in Oregon is the trails.

What do you enjoy most about the sport or your own running? 

I love how supportive the running community is.

Since working at Run With Us, what has been your favorite aspect of the job?

I have enjoyed learning more about all the wonderful brands we carry.

What has been your favorite running shoe of all-time? What is your favorite shoe currently?

My favorite shoe currently is the New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo!

Do you have a favorite meal of all-time? 

Oh give me a good red curry with tofu!

Outside of Run With Us & Running, do you have any other interests?

Yes yes yes! I love hiking, SCUBA diving, kayaking, and traveling.