What year did you begin working at Run With Us?

When & where did you go to high school? College? What did you study?
I attended Abraham Lincoln high school in the late 80s.  I studied music mostly.  

Did you run in high school and/or college?
In high school I could barely run two laps around the track. But when I attended Pasadena City College that’s when my love for running truly began. 

When & how & why did you get in to the sport of running?
At Pasadena City College I was enrolled in cardiovascular conditioning for one semester. I saw a classmate who completed the L.A. marathon and that got me excited. Also, seeing the benefits of physical activity (especially running) was a huge factor.  

Do you have a favorite moment that stands out in your running career?
Two moments stand out for me. Running my best marathon time at 3:09 and training with the Pasadena City College track and field team in the late 90s!  

Any personal records we should know about?
Only my simple 3:09 marathon time. Lol.

In competition, what is or was your favorite distance?
I seem to do better at long distances but 5 miles 10 miles maybe the half marathon seems to be more my groove now.

Road, Track, Trails, Treadmill, Couch?
I like road stuff but I’m really starting to like trail running a lot in the last couple of years and even more these days!

What do you enjoy most about the sport or your own running?
I enjoy being able to just put on a pair of shoes get out there put some miles in and get the body & mind in the best possible place it can be. Whether you’re going fast, slow, long or short it’s always beneficial!  

Since working at Run With Us, what has been your favorite aspect of the job?
Seeing customers get the right shoe whether they are experienced, beginners or getting back into it. Also, Being around the running community and of course everything running, shoe technology and seeing people engaging their wellness at all levels!

What has been your favorite running shoe of all-time? What is your favorite shoe currently?
Altra shoes have become favorites!  Really liking the Paradigm & Provision!!   But I’m starting to branch out… I’m really liking Topo, ASICS, new balance so I think the future is wide open!

Do you have a favorite meal of all-time?
Burritos or an awesome healthy green leafy salad with a lot of excellent ingredients like chicken and etc.

Outside of Run With Us & Running, do you have any other interests?
Cycling for sure. I like to play drums and I like to climb mountains and listen to podcasts/ music .  Spend time with good friends!