Are you looking for a good time on a Monday evening? Looking to get in some running action? Meet new people? Try on the latest running gear? Win prizes? Well you’re in luck. Here at Run With Us we not only believe in providing the community with incredible running related service, but we solely believe that being active and staying healthy is another philosophy of ours. Running can be daunting at times, but why not have a group, who shares similar goals and interests as you, pushing you along the way. The first step is having the courage to take that first step.

Every Monday at 6:00PM (Rain or Shine) we hold a free run from our store. We encourage all levels and all ages to join us around the local Pasadena neighborhood for a 4 or 6 mile run or a 3 mile walk. Come share some memories with us as we provide snacks and drinks, chances to win prizes, opportunities to meet with members of our incredibly successful Run With Us Race Team, and possibly meet representatives from well known running companies as they take the time to share their knowledge and give you demos of the latest running shoes and gear. Lets have some fun at Run With Us! We look forward to running with you!

Map of Monday Fun Run Route


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