Rocky & The Phantom Trail 20 Mile Race

Here’s a summary from Run With Us Race Team’s Rocky Castro and his most recent race:

“This past weekend was the Phantom Trail 20 Mile race in Agoura Hills. There wasn’t much to say about it, but like many trail races in California, it was hot and so much fun! 

I started off great in second place for the first half of the race – legs felt good and everything was just “jivin”. About mile 11 I took a spill. No big deal, I kept my head in the game and I wasn’t too phased by it. Then came mile 12.5 – 13 I took another spill. That one hurt. I got back to the finish line aid station with 7ish miles to go in the race. I wanted to drop as I saw third and fourth place pass me, but I didn’t. I pushed on and held fourth for the remainder of the race. Yes, I tried to make another effort to catch second and third but I was just too beat. 

In the end I finished fourth. I was exhausted from the heat and the multiple falls I incurred that day. That said I am happy where I am with my fitness seeing that I’m not in peak shape for this year yet I feel great. Summer is coming up so adapting to the heat is a must. I say I’m off to a better year I 2018 than 2017. 

Now onward with the next race – Shadow of The Giants 50k.”


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