Rocky Castro’s AC 100 Summary

We are extremely proud of Rocky Castro, our wonderful Run With Us Race Team Member, who attempted the Angeles Crest 100 recently.
He shared his AC 100 experience with us, please read it below:
“Well, AC100 is done and over. The race that I was hoping to have did not happen – I ended up dropping at mile 60.
The day was going great. My goal was to just finish the race – so I was very conservative. Mile 50 hit and I was still feeling great. Legs weren’t tired and my spirits were still high. Mile 53 came and something started to really affect my breathing. My pace was hindered significantly and I could no longer run – walking was even a struggle and the fight for air was real. My pacer at one point had to hold me up from passing out and going off trail. By the time I got to the Red Box aid station I was fighting for consciousness. Medic took a look at me and strongly advised my crew that I should drop.
In the end I think it was a smart decision on everyone’s part. I thought a nap would help but it got worst as the night went on. I’m going to see a doctor this week or next to find out of I have asthma.
Since my legs are still feeling great I’m going to sign up for Los Pinos 50k.”

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