Ricardo Ramirez Races the 2021 Rio De Lago

We’re so proud to have Ricardo on our RWU Race Team! He truly is an inspiration. Read below his summary of his latest race:
2021 Rio De Lago

Living with hemophilia it’s hard but not impossible.
Unfortunately my 1 year old grandson just got diagnosed with Hemophilia B, so this race means a lot to me to demonstrate to the Hemophilia community everything it’s possible.
  • 2018 Rio De Lago DNS,
  • 2019 Rio De Lago DNF at mile 67
  • 2021 Rio De Lago finished 24:35
I get injured a month before the event and for the last month I ran 2-3 days a week enough to finish this race thankfully , thanks to my greñudas Annette and Oscar to push me through the entire course.
Thanks to LATINO HEMOPHILIA FOUNDATION for all you support Jorge Catedral and Rocio Nunez.
I still keep dreaming to one day I can be selected for Badwater 135….
Next week I have Griffith Park Marathon and in 3 weeks I have the California International Marathon.
I will probably register for 1 more before end the year, and I also just signed for another one of 100 miles for next year.
Thanks for all you support 🙏 

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