Birthdate: August 26, 1970

Favorite shoe: trails only; New Balance, Inov8, Hokas and Salomon depending on what type of trails.

Favorite distance to race: 50miles trails

Favorite places to run: Western State, Mt. Whitney, Mt. Baldy, Wrightwood and Sierra Madre trails if I’m up any of these mountains I’m Super Happy!

Favorite post-race meal: Spaghetti, avocados with Salad

Training philosophy: work hard running mountains, Have Fun! And always eat well!

Favorite or go-to workout: Mt. Wilson area stunning views!

What I like to eat/drink before a run:  bananas, coffee and water

Favorite quote that inspires me: “if it doesn’t hurt your doing it wrong” “there is no one on this planet that can take away my running”

Why I run: it’s part of me just like sleep, eat and breathing

Where to find me when I’m not running: At the best running store in the world “RunWithUs Pasadena”

Personal bests:

  • 5k  only tempo runs 18:10 not a short distance runner
  • 10k  only tempo runs around 42:00 not a short distance runner
  • 1/2  only tempo runs around 1:40 not a short distance runner
  • marathon 3:40 not a short distance runner 26.2 especially on the road is not my cup of tea! Unless I’m dragging a vehicle tire!!
  • ultra 50k 5:42, 50 miles 8:12, 100k 13:30, 100 miles 24:30 and 176 miles 58 hours in some change in Thailand solo run

Please note: some of my best running is just running long distances all night under a full moon! Simply just love running mountains!