Birthdate: 1-12-1986

Favorite shoe: Well I don’t have a specific favorite shoe and the reason why it’s because I have a ton of shoes. I happen to work at a running store. So far Saucony is my new fav brand.

Favorite distance to race: I do not think I have a favorite distance and here is why. I like running 5k bcz they are a short distance but painful, the 10k I like it bcz it reminds me of my beloved coach Gretchen who is no longer with us, and the 1/2 marathon well it’s bitter sweet and I would love to PR on my 1:22

Looking toward to run 1:20 soon

Favorite place to run: I love Mt. Baldy too bad it’s a bit of a long drive other wise I would be there more often.

But I would have to say that Griffith Park is my favorite place to run. Any time I think of a long run I automatically picture GP.

Favorite post-race meal: Mmmm… I love homemade food!! I have to play it safe with Pasta and salad!

Training philosophy: My philosophy is to  surround your self with positive, talented and hardworking individuals that love what they do and that have the same drive as you do. The wrong crowd can bring you down.

Favorite or go-to workout: Mmmm…. I love long easy runs on the hills because they can turn in to a fast runs after the turnaround point lol…

What I like to eat/drink before a run: I drink Nuun to keep my body hydrated and some times I will eat one honey stingers waffle (honey) or a bite of TWIX will do lol…

Favorite quote that inspires me: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

Why I run: I run because there will be a day when I can no longer run and today is not that day!

I run because I might not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday.

Where to find me when I’m not running: If I am not running I am working at a running store or with my family and friends. Having fun and enjoying life.

Personal bests:

  • 5k – 17:37
  • 10k – 36:20
  • 1/2 marathon – 1:22:53