Birthday: July 16, 1989
Favorite Shoe: Salomon S-Lab (anything on their S-Lab lineup)
Favorite Distance: 50 Mile
Favorite Place To Run: The San Gabriels
Favorite Post-Race Meal: A cold coke, beer, and something sweet – possibly ice cream.
Training Philosophy: All the hard work is situated in training. Make sure you stop, enjoy the view, and become aware of why you’re out there. Come race day it will all come together.
Favorite or Go-To Workout: Interval training or tempo work up Stough Canyon.
What I Like To Eat/Drink Before A Run: Cinnamon Bread, a banana, coffee, and gatorade.
Favorite Quote That Inspires Me: “If you’re going through hell, keep going” – Winston Churchiil
Why I Run: At the end of the day running brings me to a state of solace. Whether it’s a rough workout, a long run, or a mild and easy jog in the mountains, the conclusion will always be the same – I’m happy of what I did.
Where To Find Me When I’m Not Running: I’ll be at a park with my hammock hung and a good book in my hand, at work, or with friends out and about partaking in fun activities!
Persona Best:
10k – 34min 48sec
Marathon – 2hr 55min
50k – 4hrs 30min
50M – 8hrs 35min
100k – 12hrs 14min