Birthdate: 11-03-1971

Favorite shoe: New Balance 1400

Favorite distance to race: 1st 50k, 2nd Marathon, 3rd Half Marathon

Favorite place to run: Mt. Baldy and Mt. Wilson

Favorite post-race meal: Guacamole and my protein shake

Training philosophy: Training hard race easy

Favorite or go-to workout: My favorite workout is 800 Reps. 10×800m w/ 3 minutes rest.

What I like to eat/drink before a run: Oatmeal and coffee

Favorite quote that inspires you: When I see people running, especially kids and seniors. I feel something special because I started to run at 36 years old.

Why I run: I feel I’m alive when my heart rate is high.

Where to find me when I’m not running: If I’m not running you can find me at work or my home.

What are your personal bests:

  • 2013 Long Beach Marathon 2:31
  • 2013 Rock n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon 1:11
  • 2014 50m Leona Divide 7:06

Other tidbits: Just that when I’m running I don’t like stop. I want to keep going, especially when I’m in the mountains.