Birthday : October 25, 1987

Favorite Shoe: Hoka’s ATR Challenger 4s and Hupanas

Favorite Distance: Marathon and 50k

Favorite Place to Run: Echo Mountain/Mount Lowe in the Angeles Crest.

Favorite post-race meal: Pasta.

Training philosophy:  Balance, Strength and Flexibility.

Favorite or go-to workout: Coach Armand he is the best he is my go to person for my workouts.

What I like to eat/drink before a run: Bagel or toast withalmond butter, egg and bacon with coffee. Before the race during the week I drink Pedialyte. Before the race a take a Vfuel.

Favorite quote that inspires me:1. Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments. 2. Life doesn’t require that we be the Best, only that we try our best.

Why I run:  To keep me sane, I love the feeling I get from pushing my body to the extremes. I like seeing the change I can put my body through. The places you get to see while out running/traveling. 

Where to find me when I’m not running: Working, my mom’s home, out with family or friends.

Personal best:

  • 5K: 20:25
  • 10K: 45 min
  • 1/2 Marathon: 1:43
  • Marathon: 3:27
  • 50K: 5:07
  • 50 Miles: soon but not there yet
  • 100K: NA
  • 100 Miles: Before having a baby I will that’s the plan.