Birthday: 11/12/1990

Favorite shoe:  HOKA One One Challenger ATR 4

Favorite distance to race: 25k, and 50k trail

Favorite place to run: San Gabriels, especially the PCT near Mt. Baden Powell

Favorite post-race meal: Cheeseburger and a Dr. Pepper

Training philosophy: Have fun and go fast in the mountains

Favorite or go-to workout: The Strawberry Peak loop

What I like to eat/drink before a run: A bagel, water, maybe eggs if I’m feeling crazy

Favorite quote that inspire you: A book should be so true as to be intimate and familiar to all men, as the sun to their faces – such a word is occasionally uttered to a companion in the woods in summer, and both are silent – H.D. Thoreau

Why I run: Running, for me, is deeply spiritual, one of the most meditative experiences that I can have. It allows me to stop thinking and to just be. There’s nothing better than being way out in the mountains with not much more than your shoes and a water bottle to remind you that you’re a wild animal.

Where to find me when I’m not running: At USC earning a Doctorate in classical guitar

Personal bests:

  • 10k (with hills) – 37:14
  • 25k – 1:49