Birthday: 11-14-1967

Favorite shoe: Hoka Challenge ATR.

Favorite distance to race: 50 miles, 100 miles.

Favorite place to run: Griffith Park, San Gabriel Mountains.

Favorite post-race meal: Steak burrito, ice cream.

Training philosophy: Train hard, train smart and keep it fun.

Favorite or go-to workout: Uphill/downhill repeats, back-to-back long runs (30-40 miles), in the mountains.

What I like to eat/drink before a run: Water, toast w/almond butter, coffee and a banana.

Favorite quote that inspire you: “The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.” -Juma Ikangaa.

Why I run: It’s part of my lifestyle. I enjoy being outside and the time alone. Running is my favorite way to explore nature, new places and make new friends.

Where to find me when I’m not running: At home or camping in the mountains.

Personal bests:
– 50 km – 3:23:43 (OTHTC High Desert, CA).
– 50 miles – 6:07:53 (Avalon Benefit; Catalina Island, CA).
– 100 miles – 13:16: (Rocky Raccoon; Huntsville, TX).
– 135 miles – 23:20:16 (Badwater; Dead Valley, CA).