Birthday 12/20/1992

Favorite Shoe: Hoka One One Clifton and Speed Goat. They are both great!

Favorite Distance: 10k or 8k Cross-Country.

Favorite Place to Run: Mt. Wilson or anywhere in the mountains. My discipline is road racing, but the mountains are my calling!

Favorite post-race meal: PIZZA

Training philosophy: Easy days EASY. Hard days HARD. Don’t take yourself too seriously and just enjoy running!

Favorite or go-to workoutMonoghetti Fartlek – 4 x 90 sec, 4 x 60 sec, 4 x 45 sec, 4 x 30 sec, 4 x 15 sec. 

Rest is equal to the repetition. Start at aerobic threshold effort then work your way down to 3k or mile effort. Short, but tough and effective workout. 

What I like to eat/drink before a run: A bowl of oatmeal with bananas and a variety of berries, coffee, and water with Skratch or Nuun hydartion mix. 

Favorite quote that inspires me: “The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, or out there on the roads (or trail), long before I step under those lights” – Muhammad Ali

Where to find me when I’m not runningAt a coffee shop, reading research articles and studying.

Personal best: 

  • 5K: 14:42 (track)
  • 10K: 30:52 (track)
  • 1/2 Marathon: 1:10:27 
  • Marathon: SOON
  • 50K: Maybe in the future