Dr. Steve Smith is Run With Us’ official Doctor.

As a running enthusiast himself, Dr. Smith knows the unique needs of a runner and the best treatment options to support the strain that running places on the body. In fact, Dr. Smith and his wife founded a running club, the Pasadena Pacers, as well as a marathon travel group, Runaway Tours.

Dr. Smith has even written a running injury prevention book, “Run Healthy Run Strong”, providing advice on how to run better, stronger, and with less chance of injury ─ along with easy stretches and exercises ─ to runners unable to come into his office for a visit. He also created an iPhone Running App, Stretch & Run which is available in the iTunes store.

He strongly believe in the value of an active lifestyle and are dedicated to helping his patients learn running injury prevention techniques, to make exercise both enjoyable and effective. Dr. Smith will work with you to create a customized chiropractic plan that fits your lifestyle and fitness goals.