For nearly two decades Catz Pasadena has trained and rehabilitated countless youth, professional and Olympic athletes, as well as adults and children striving to live a more healthy and active lifestyle. The Catz Physical Therapy approach, developed over 23 years by co-founders Kevin Wentz and Amado “AG” Garcia, takes a full body approach in rehabilitating the patient back to beyond their prior level of function. Their reputation for attracting developing athletes has made them industry leaders seeking to improve sports performance and reduce injuries. Their scientifically and clinically crafted programs were designed by certified strength and conditioning specialists, physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, nutritionists and biomechanical analysts.

Catz prides themselves on being at the forefront of major health and wellness trends, rehabilitation protocols and training research. They empower individuals to thrive in an uplifting environment.

They improve anyone’s physical fitness and overall well-being.