Now Carrying Rabbit Apparel

We are now carrying Rabbit Apparel! Perfect for those long trail runs.

” At rabbit, we believe in ethical, sustainable manufacturing. That means that all of our running apparel is manufactured in Los Angeles, just 100 miles south of our home in Santa Barbara. This gives us access to advanced manufacturing facilities while allowing us to keep a close eye on all aspects of production.

When we want to make something new, we don’t have to ship samples back and forth to Asia or try to do design by videoconference. No, we just drive down to the factory and talk to the people who make the product. It works really well. Most importantly, we know for sure that all of our apparel is made in conditions we approve of by workers who are treated well and fairly.

We make running apparel that we want to wear, and we do it in a way that we can feel good about. That’s the rabbit difference.”

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