Longest Running Day Fundraiser for Alzheimer’s – June 16

Sergio Medina will embark on a 24 hour run around the iconic Rose Bowl on Saturday June 16th starting at midnight and running the 24 hours until Sunday at midnight. His goal is to reach 100 miles. This run will be a solo unsupportive run, however anyone is welcome to come by and run some miles with Sergio, anytime. He is embarking on this quest to bring awareness and raise some money for a disease that devastates families around the world, ALZHEIMER’S.
If you would like to donate to the Alzheimer’s Association and show Sergio your support, please click HERE to donate. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Any one who donates to this cause will be entered in a raffle to win a $50 RWU Gift Card.
Don’t forget to come by the Rose Bowl and run a few laps with Sergio. We encourage you to take a selfie of you running with Sergio and tag #RWULongestRun to help raise awareness.


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