Leona Divide 100K Results

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On Saturday 4/6/19 multiple members of the RWU Ultra Team ran the Leona Divide 30k which he described as a total blast. They did very well overall! Take a peek at their results below:

  • Josh Moore won the 30K (2:21:06 – he only missed the course record by 7 minutes)
  • Tim Chirstoni got 29th in the 100K (11:58:48)
  • Sergio Medina took 10th place in the 30K (3:02:37)
  • Mario Martinez took 3rd place in the 100K (8:57:57)
  • Domenico Ponziano got 11th place in the 100K (10:27:05)
  • Ricardo Ramirez took 18th place in the 50K (5:35:57)
  • Jerry Garcia 50k got 54th in the 50K (6:30:16)

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