KID-FIT Family Fun Run Coming May 14

There’s a fun community event coming in May! The “KID-FIT Family Fun Run 5K” is scheduled for Sat. May 21, 2022 and will take place on the Duarte Trail starting and finishing at Royal Oaks Park. It’s being coordinated by The KID-FIT Preschool Health and Fitness Organization. Click here for more information and to register.

The KID-FIT Preschool Health and Fitness Organization provided P.E. classes for childcare centers locally, nationally and internationally before COVID-19. Children not only exercised to fun children’s music but learned about healthy eating, how their bodies work and how to keep them safe. Tyler learned about emergencies and called 9-1-1 as his dad was having a heart attack. Kira went home one day, sang the “Smoke is no Joke” song to her Grandfather and got a 30-yr smoker to quit because she “loved him and didn’t want him to get sick”. Johnny told his physician mother that he wanted more “fruits and vegetables” to keep his body healthy. These are just a few examples of what preschool children take away from KID-FIT.

To continue this important work KID-FIT has been revised into a virtual program. The KID-FIT 5K will allow Duarte public Preschool-Grade 1 children (including those with disabilities) use of the new virtual program along with staff training. Duarte high school clubs will help operate the 5K and benefit from sponsorship proceeds.


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