Kate Olson wins 1st Female in Midstate Massive Ultra Trail 100 !

“I ran the Midstate Massive Ultra Trail 100 in New England this weekend – my first 100! My finishing time was 24:57:58 – 1st female and 4th overall!!! Can’t believe it!!



It was such an incredible experience. I chose that race for 3 reasons: 1. Fall foliage, 2. Point to point 3. East coast so I could invite my family to join me and see me out there trail/ultra running. Every one of those reasons worked out! The trees were stunning colors, the course was SO neat as it ran from New Hampshire through Massachusetts, into Rhode Island and Connecticut, and ending back in Massachusetts. 1 race, 4 states!



My pacers were Jaime Reyes and Marcus Rentie – two of my close friends who I run with at our Sunday fun runs. I really loved that distance! My parents and best friends from my hometown were my crew!” – Kate Olson, #RWURaceTeam

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