Join us for a special Trail Night Happy Hour on 5/18!

Trail Night Happy Hour at Run With Us

Day: Wednesday, May 18th

Time: 7-8:30pm


  • Upcoming trail runs and what we want to do (Tour LA)
    • If you come to a certain amount of runs you will receive a Limited Edition Tour of LA shirt. 
    • Altra and Rabbit raffles at each run various runs
    • Run With Us and SoCalTrail teams teaming up for a summer series 
  • Break down trail running essentials 
    • Shoes – Altra
    • Gear – Nathan
    • Hydration – Skratch
  • Other tips
    • Strava and All Trails
    • Trail Safety
    • Heat

Event Info:

  • Food and Drinks 
  • Raffles
  • Run Leaders


We’ve teamed up with our friends at SoCalTrail to bring you an adventure packed summer series of some of our favorite trails throughout throughout Los Angeles. We have some amazing partners for this series including Altra, Rabbit, Nathan, and Skratch. Stay tuned for amazing giveaways from them through the series.

The goal for this series is simple. We want to introduce more people to the beauty that surrounds us and we’ve put together an amazing team to help us do that. Trail Running / Hiking is all about adventure and enjoying time with others. We plan on making this a ton of fun with amazing raffles, post run brunches and anything else we can think of. 

Our trail night will consist of introducing our series, having a TON of amazing raffles, going over gear essentials, and covering some trail running basics to make sure everyone is set to join us for a good time… oh yea, and of course drinks, snacks, and good times! 


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