January Staff Spotlight: Sergio Medina

👉 January Staff Spotlight: Sergio Medina

“What I do and love is to run mountains and hit trails. The ability to be free and see the world in a different light is what makes mountains the place to be. The best part of running is seeing unique places, one never gets bored of the beauty, the views are always imbedded deep in the memory bank.

I have ran so many trail races, for example Sean O’Brien 100k, Angeles Crest 100 miler, and Salton Sea 81miles just to name a few. The experience and knowledge I still use to run other great races. Some future races that I would love to run and is one of the toughest races in the world would be “Badwater 135 miler” this race has been in existence since 1984. I have been wanting to run this race since 1987 and hope one day I can run it and finish it. Other races would be “Hard Rock 100” and “Leadville 100” in Colorado “ and “The Hurt 100” in Hawaii just to name a few.

Lastly, this picture here was me running a hard 100k (62 miles) feeling confident and being consistent with my breath. At this point it was about 50 miles into the race.”

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