Eder takes 1st in Chinatown Firecracker 5K!

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Congrats to Eder Pina for winning first overall at the Los Angeles Chinatown Firecracker Run 5K last weekend 🏆! #RWURaceTeam sure represented 🙌 at this local event.
Here’s Eder’s funny summary about the race: “I ran the Firecracker 5k this past weekend and it was super fun! A funny story about this race. Time: 16:35 and I got first overall. I was going to run faster than this. I felt it. The momentum was building, but the police escorts led me off course on to a freeway ramp on the last mile-ish or so. I was close to the bottom of the ramp and I saw second go past. I had to pretty much sprint to catch him. Got him before we made our last turn. Still super fun though! Pumped! Felt like I could do the 10k as well. A HILLY course but I crushed them! Despite getting lost on a freeway ramp on the 110, it was still fun!”

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