Angeles Crest 100 Achievements!

After two years, the Angeles Crest 100 returned this past weekend!

From having multiple athletes in the race to crew members on multiple teams to an aid station, we love being part of the trail running community.

HUGE congrats to RWU Race Team members Michael Eastburn (2nd place overall in his 1st 100 miler!), Gabriele Vajente, and Ulises Reyes for completing this amazing challenge. Domenico Ponziano put in a solid effort before being forced to drop due to health concerns and we wish him a healthy recovery and are so proud of him.

We want to send a special THANK YOU to everyone that volunteered at Three Points for all of the love and support they showed the athletes!

We can’t forget to send a VERY SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Leamon!!! Thank you for all that you do for this community! 🥳

What a special weekend. Until next time!


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