Castro Wins 3rd in Chino Hills 50K

Here’s a great summary from the Chino Hills 50K earlier this month from our RWU Race Team member, Rocky Castro:

“Saturday (Nov 10) was the Chino Hills 50k. Although this race was scheduled to be a training run for Ray Miller 50 mile (which has been cancelled due to the devastating fires), I still wanted to give it a good go since one of my good friends was racing it. 

Keeping this short, I had a game plan going into the race – start off conservative and push it in the second half. This plan was shortly lived when me and two other runners made a wrong turn at a junction. When we finally noticed we were heading the wrong direction we (1.5 miles later) turned around, retraced the route, and came back where we originally made the wrong turn only to realize we were now last… All plans to conserve energy was out the door – it’s now a chasing game. 

I chased and chased (along with fellow competitor, George, who was a tremendous help), and in the end wounded up in third place. I’m happy about my finish but at the same time disappointed at myself. I didn’t practice what I normally preach and that’s to always study the course before race day. I wanted to give up at mile five, the point where we realized we were lost, but I’m glad I didn’t. 

This sport is not always about the results but more for the experience – and this was definitely a good one for me. I have to remember to always have fun and just be in the moment. This is why I love trail racing. “

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